The Godly SAHM

The Godly SAHM

Last night while I was reading I came across this interesting Christian article about the roles of parents. Today I’m only going to write about the stay at home mom. 

Staying at home is not just about cleaning, cooking, running errands, and taking care of the family. We are not just supposed to be watching our children but also nurturing them! Home is where our children learn everything, including who they are. It all starts at home! Children should be taught about God at home, not only in church. Being a sahm is not easy and I sometimes struggle with doing everything. I am really just learning that nurturing the children is my the second priority. The first is my husband! Which means, if the floor doesn’t get vacuumed because the children needed help with homework, then that is ok. 
Recently, my oldest son has been acting out. When I talked to him to see what’s bothering him he says that nothing is wrong. My husband and I started to think that maybe we were doing something wrong. Then I began to ask myself, “Are you nurturing him in the way that he needs?” As the boys get older and more independent sometimes I forget that they still need me. Not just to cook them food, buy things for them or help them with homework. They need me to teach them, pray with/for them, do fun things with them, etc,. I want my children to be smart,happy, loving, confident, God-fearing children! That all starts at HOME!
Going forward my plan is to make sure that everyday I am using the majority of my time and energy to invest in each one of my children. Of course I won’t forget about my hubby! Every morning before the boys go off to school we will have devotion and I will pray with them. I wish I would have started this when they were a little younger. Better late than never. I just want them to know how important it is to have a relationship with God. This starts today! I will also be posting our Daily devotions (YouVersion).
Feel free to join me!
– Ki

5 thoughts on “The Godly SAHM

  1. Exactly. And you are doing great by leading by example. This way when the pressures and temptations if the world cross their paths, they will have the common sense and spiritual told that God have them.

  2. Hey Sis! You are right about having devotional and prayer time with your children before they leave home in the mornings. Not only does prayer keep them throughout the day, but it also grants you serenity and peace because they are covered. I’m not a SAHM, but the challenges of motherhood are universal. But thank God for his provision, instruction, and wisdom on being a good steward over His children. Thanks for the blog post! I’ll be sure to pop in from time to time.

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