Mommy Challenge

Mommy Challenge


There are many challenges that mommies face on a daily basis. My most challenging areas of life are:

  1. Finances – Budgeting for a family of six and saving with one income.
  2. Spiritual Food – I must have a prayer and devotional life.
  3. Me Time – How can I care for my husband and nurture my children the right way when I don’t take of myself?
  4. Task Management – I have so much to do, with so little time to do it.
  5. Wifely Duties – After my relationship with God comes Shaun. As moms, we sometimes get so caught up with taking care of the little ones that our spouse’s needs get overlooked. Some may have issues with this notion, but your husband comes before your children.

After Ari was born and I got into the routine of being home, I began to realize what was most important in my life. My family. The boys needed nurturing and I didn’t want to miss the same time with Ari as I had missed with them, being a single working mother. When I was working, family time was meaningful but minimal. Sometimes it was nonexistent because I was burnt out from the long hours dealing with customers. Once I was able to stay home, I saw an immediate change in the boys because they knew I’d be there if they ever needed me. Staying home was great but it brought its own challenges. I’m not perfect, yet, but I believe I have some tricks to help you if these are challenges for you, as well.

Budgeting – Trying to make a family of six work on one income is challenging but doable! God always amazes me with how he makes provision when things seem bleak. Shaun works hard for us to have everything we need but sometimes I want more. Who doesn’t? Even though God makes a way for us, I still have to do my part and make sure we’re getting the most bang for our buck. One thing I do to stretch those dollars is research deals and sales before I purchase. If we use a lot of one item, I go to Costco instead of our regular grocery store. So the first mommy challenge is: Itemize your grocery list and decide which items would work best if you bought it wholesale. It may cost a bit more upfront, but the savings will show over time. With the money you save, you can treat yourself to a nice lunch at your favorite bistro.


Spiritual Food – How can I raise Godly children if I don’t have a personal relationship with God? Prayer, along with reading and studying the Bible is a must! We as parents must set the example for our children to follow. If you are a Sundays ONLY Christian, your children will grow up thinking it’s ok to only give God a part of them instead of all of them. Don’t feel you have time? Make time. People make time for what they think is important in their lives. So my second challenge is: Rise early and feed yourself some spiritual food! Before the kids and hubby get up, commune with God so you can set the tone for you and your family’s day. You can read more on daily devotions in ‘And then there were Four’.

Me Time – Moms please make sure that you get some Me Time! I cannot stress enough how important this is. Even if it is just ten minutes, get away from everything and everyone associated with your house and just… be. Get the time you need. SAHMs, this can be especially hard for us since we get no days off. We’re always on the clock making the home work so getting away is nearly impossible. But for your family’s sake and your sanity, find a time when you can get away. One way I found the time was taking cake decorating classes. The class was only two hours once a week, but it gave me time to myself. No kids, no husband, just me and my piping bag. I was able to get my mind off things and do something that I wanted instead of catering to the wants and needs of my family. You cannot effectively care for your family without taking care of you, as well! So my third challenge is: Find something you like to do, that’s only for you, schedule it and do it. Be sure to share your plans with your husband, so he’s available to hold down the fort in your absence.

Task Management – My day is so repetitive that it sometimes makes me crazy. Going through the motions often make me feel like I haven’t accomplished anything, when, in all actuality, everything I needed to get done is done. Homeschooling Arianna with playtime and song time built in, taking care of Raelynn, helping the boys with homework and projects. All of this while still having to cook and clean! My day would put most people in a mental hospital but that’s what MOTHERHOOD is! My fourth challenge is: Make a daily schedule for everything you have to do and live by it! As the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Having a plan for your day and sticking to it, eliminates procrastination and the feeling of being overwhelmed. You can even schedule other things like Me Time and Spiritual Food.

Shaun and I

Wifely Duties – Last but not least, our husbands. I saved this part for last because, after God, they are most important. Our husbands are the head and we are the neck. If the head is not properly supported by the neck, it causes pain and discomfort, subsequently causing problems to the rest of the body. Our husbands need a good meal, our attention and love, our words of encouragement and prayers, and most importantly, our good lovin’ and good lovin’, and some more good lovin’. My fifth and final challenge is: No matter what your day is like or how you feel when you’re done being a mom for the day, TAKE CARE OF YOUR HUSBAND. He’s the king of your castle and you should be willing and available to do whatever he needs. When your husband’s needs are put first, you will definitely see your marriage go to another level. Our husbands should feel like they can conquer the world and give it to us. When husband and wife are on one accord, the entire household will fall right into place.

Until next time….Lady Ki

4 thoughts on “Mommy Challenge

  1. A wonderful blessing indeed!..keep up the good work lady :)..I’m a stay at home mom of 2 and I too share the same challenges and sentiments…and you are definitely right alone time is crucial!…btw budgeting and shopping on 1 income “serious” aint the word lol..I miss my weekly trips to Target 🙂 smh..take care and God bless!

    1. Hey Dee! Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, our mommy challenges can be somewhat difficult but we are doing it for all the right reasons. I miss my weekly trips to Target too! I still try to sneak there sometimes lol.

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