And Then There Were 4!

baby feet

Aren’t babies such a blessing! God amazes me every time I begin to think about the miracle of life. People always ask me if we are finished having babies, I just laugh at it now. Truth is, we have so much love to give. With that being said, what’s one more? During my last pregnancy, I was constantly reminded how blessed I am. There are families out there that can’t conceive children, still, I could not believe I was about to have my fourth child. I was filled with such joy, knowing that God continues to trust me enough to raise his children.

My Team
My Team

I have grown and changed so much in the past 12 years (when I had my firstborn). I have learned to be very patient (still a work in progress) and I have learned to be an excellent teacher (slowly but surely). I strive to teach my children all about Christ every day, about loving others as Christ loved us, and just how to live as Christians. I learned that if you start teaching them while they are young it will become second nature to them when they’re older. For instance, I plan for my personal time with God to be in the morning but with an infant and sleep deprivation I sometimes won’t get up. That means I have to pick another time of the day to commune with Him. Lately, that has been awesome transition because the kids always want to join me in my devotion. The boys are always asking what I’m reading and of course I’m willing to read and teach them. I have learned to just turn that into the bible time that I have with them since there is always something going on. Oh, and let’s not forget about Arianna who loves to get on her knees and join me during my prayer time.The four

No matter how many children you have it is so important for us to be great role models for them. Now that there are four, I can’t wait to share Baby Rae’s birth story! It was the best experience and I am so grateful to God, Shaun (the most amazing husband), Tina (midwife), and the nurses that assisted! If you have any tips, please leave them in the comments. Until next time…Lady Ki

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